Hey there, I’m David Zhou. I’m a photographer that values the beauty that photographs hold.


Undoubtedly, being behind a camera has been a passion of mine for years. There was a moment where I was editing a video I had recently shot where I caught myself smiling while watching the footage I had shot. I realized there was an immense joy in capturing those candid moments. The genuine smiles and laughter I saw finally made me realize just truly how powerful this creative medium is. The same thing happens when I go through a set of photos from an engagement shoot or graduation session. My goal is simple, I want you to feel the same way I felt looking back at those videos and photos. Not just when I deliver the final product to you, but for years to come. When you find those photos in your Facebook album or when you pass by that picture frame years later.


Capturing genuine emotions and creating memorable snapshots.



I invite you to take a look at my portfolio to see the style of work I produce. Throughout all my work, regardless of the type of photography or videography (such as portraiture, event, or commercial), the thing I strive to capture above all else is emotion


Let's Create Amazing Things together,

David Zhou